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NTB-000-640 8.4. Transport related corruption 2014-03-24 Zambia: Chirundu South Africa In process View
Complaint: A company called Metro Advertising Zambia contracted my company to transport goods to Zambia and the agreement was that we get aid 50% upfront and balance once the trucks arrive at Chrundu border post, the 50% upfront was paid of R120k the balance was not paid on arrival at Chirundu or when offloading in Zambia, to date the client in Zambia has claimed he will not pay as we did not use the correct vehicles, the correct vehicles were utilised and all abnormal charges paid to relevant authorities, we advise him that if he was to use another abnormal load carrier he would be charged more tan double, still he now is threatening that we must go to court in Zambia to sort this out, this client has signed the quotation and our shipping instructions.My company contends that we met with the vehicle specifications and therefore must be paid the money due. This client has supplied the order to the government in Zambia for the transport and is basically benefiting the funds. We request for FESARTA to facilitate verification of the vehicle requirements so we can use the official verification to claim our money back.  
Progress: 1. On 12 November 2014, South Africa focal point reported that they were waiting to hear from Zambia on the way forward on this issue.
2. On 19 November 2014 Zambia Focal point undertook to follow-up during the 4th week of November 2014. However, Focal point is of the view that this could be best handled under the contract between the two parties and therefore requested complainant to provide more details. The Focal points Zambia reported that they were in liaising with complainant to find more information in order to map way forward.
NTB-000-616 6.5. Variable levies 2013-12-01 Zambia: Nakonde District Council Tanzania New View
Complaint: Nakonde District Council of Zambia has introduced new Council Levy for external trucks entering Zambia in addition to other existing charges and levies.  
Progress: A reminder was sent to Zambia focal point on 14th November 2014 to follow up on this issue  
NTB-000-478 8.6. Vehicle standards
2011-12-20 Mozambique: Delegação Aduaneira de Cuchamano South Africa In process View
Complaint: Mozambique restricts an articulated vehicle carrying general cargo, to 18 metres length. It restricts an artic carrying ISO shipping containers to 16.5 metres length. This does not conform to the recommendations given by both COMESA and SADC. Generally, artics in Southern Africa are up to 18.5 metres in length, in accordance with the SADC recommendations. Transporters cannot practically shorten their artics and comply with the Mozambique regulations. Fines are received by transporters when they try to travel through Mozambique with artics longer than 16.5 or 18 metres.  
Progress: 1. On 18 June 2013, Mozambique Focal Point reported that, according to the existing Regulation (Decree 14/2008 of 25 June), it should be noted that Mozambique does not have infrastructure prepared to adopt the specifications of South Africa, so that the movement of carriers in Mozambique is made on specific routes. The portuguese version is uploaded onto the system for reference. Further, Mozambique is still waiting for additional information from FESARTA on proof of payment and the place where the accident occurred to assist with the investigation on this incident.

2. At the 11th meeting of the SADC Sub -Committee on Trade Facilitation held on 23 May 2013 in Gaborone, Mozambique reported that it noted the challenges arising out of the instrument and that moving to regional instruments requires changes in legislation which would take time.
NTB-000-566 8.6. Vehicle standards
2013-02-12 Botswana: Pioneer Gate South Africa In process View
Complaint: This complaint is registered by FESARTA.
The Botswana traffic authorities at Pioneer Gate, are applying outdated overall vehicle width and overall vehicle height limits. The are applying maximum 2.5m width and 4.1m height.
For many years, SADC has recommended 2.6m width and 4.3m height.
Most of the countries in the Southern African region, have 2.6m and 4.3m, and so the vehicles are built to suit these dimensions. They cannot be reduced to 2.5m and 4.3m without major structural alterations.
Furthermore, the 2.6m width was set so that an ISO shipping container, which is 2.4m wide, can be loaded onto a trailer that has sideboards. This cannot be done on a trailer that is 2.5m wide, since the sideboards take up at least 100mm width. The 2.6m also allows two standard pallets to be loaded side-by-side inside a pantechnicon body.
On occasions, when this problem has arisen in the past, the traffic officials have agreed that, to facilitate trade, the vehicles can operate in Botswana. But, there are also occasions, such as the present case, when traffic officials have insisted that the smaller dimensions must be enforced. This is a serious inconvenience and extra cost to transporters.
For trade facilitation, Botswana must change its act to the larger dimensions, and, in the meantime, allow vehicles with those dimensions to operate freely.
Progress: 1. On 30 April 2013, Botswana reported that , as per the Botswana regulations, Road Traffic Act (RTA), dimensions for width and height are 2.5m and 4.1m respectively. Botswana is in the process of amending the RTA regulations and the Road Traffic Signs Regulations. The proposed amendments and the dimensions are 2.6m and 4.3m in conformity with the regional standard.

2. On 18 November 2014, Botswana focal point reported that the relevant Authority in Botswana had been contacted to update on the progress on the regulation amendments to conform to SADC vehicle dimensions.
NTB-000-636 8.6. Vehicle standards
2014-06-26 Botswana: Kazungula Bridge - weigh bridge South Africa New View
Complaint: Kazungula Bridge is imposing Botswana truck standards on South African registered vehicles in transit through Botswana to Zambia  
Progress: Awaiting response from relevant focal points. A reminder was sent on 13 November 2014.  
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