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8.8. Issues related to transit  
Mozambique Police in Beira issued a ticket or fine for 50,000 metical or US $1500 to the driver of a Zimbabwe registered vehicle AC 5376 owned by Suncrest Transport for supposedly violating the third country rule by collecting a load in South Africa, transiting Zimbabwe and delivering or offloading in Beira, Mozambique and this route not being covered by a cross-border permit.

The fine or ticket issued referred to Article 102 of the Road Traffic Act (Places in which Pedestrians may walk) and is not related to the offence, also the fine or ticket does not specify the nature of the offence and only refers to the detention or removal of documents as per Article 122 of the Road Traffic Act (see attached ticket).

The cross-border permits for the subject vehicle (AC 5376) and attached hereto confirm that the vehicle was authorized to use this route and therefore was improperly fined by the Mozambique Police.

This is harrasment of the driver and the action required is the revoking of the fine.  
Status note
On 13th September 2016, FESARTA advised that the transporters were no longer facing this barrier so the NTB is resolved.  
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Mozambique: Beira (Road block)  
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2015-06-02 15:08  
2016-09-13 13:49