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7.3. Corruption  
A Zambulk Tanker carrying Fuel was weighed at the subject weighbridge with the following axle masses: Steer axle - 6960 kg (legal limit 8000 kg); Drive axles - 17660 kg (legal limit 18000 kg); Trailing axles - 24160 kg (legal limit 24000 kg). Tolerance is 5% on an axle set or on GVM, in this case it would be 1200 kg on the trailing axle set. The weighbridge official printed a weighbridge ticket for the driver which reflected the weights indicated above and showed the legit limits as indicated above with the Total GVM being 48780 kg and the max or legal limit being 50000 kg. This vehicle was within the legal limit on GVM and well within the tolerance on the trailing axle set. Yet printed at the bottom the weighbridge ticket is the comment - TRUCK MUST EXIT AND RETURN TO DISPATCH IMMEDIATELY SO THAT THE LOAD CAN BE CORRECTED!!! (see attached weighbridge ticket). When the driver queried this with the weighbridge official he was told that he must park off the truck and move fuel from the rear tank to the front tank to correct the load. This is clearly not an option and highly dangerous given the nature of the product being carried. The driver went back and started negotiating and gave her Pula 200. The Operator refused to give the driver 5% when entering Botswana. The Operator said it is only applicable AFTER the Martins Drift Weigh Bridge. At Serule and Francistown there was no problem.

This is obviously an attempt a corrupt activity that is taking place at this weighbridge and needs to be stamped out immediately.  
Status note
On 26th February 2016, Botswana Focal Point reported that the general public and business community were encouraged to report all corruption cases with Botswana Police as and when they happen. There are police officers stationed at all Botswana entry points. This will assist in addressing corruption issues. However, it should be noted that the 5% is not applicable at the 1st weigh bridge in Botswana but AFTER the 1st weigh bridge. In this instance, it will be applicable in Serule or Francistown.  
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Botswana: Martins Drift (Weighbridge)  
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2015-06-25 12:56  
2016-04-06 10:37