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2.14. Other  
TRANSHAUL Zimbabwe had 2 trucks arrive at Calomue border on Friday 3 July loaded with groundnuts, they were told they had to wait for a free escort on Monday, or pay for an escort to take them to Cuchamano on Saturday. Against our advise, our client paid the fees being demanded ($100 / truck) after which, the escort only went as far as Tete with the trucks, where they were told they should pay again for another escort to take them through to Cuchamano. Again, our client paid the escort fees. The transporter had another 2 trucks arrive at Calomue on Monday 6 July with groundnuts, who were again told they must pay for escort, or wait until Wednesday for someone to escort them for free. I have told our client not to pay.

The adding of a commodity to the anti-dumping list with an escort requirement by customs needs to be documented and communicated prior to the introduction thereof. Also the communication should clearly state what the cost if any of the escorts are from point of entry to point of exit and availability of escorts.

The current situation being applied as described under paragraph one is not acceptable and needs to be clarified by Alfandega agents at Calomue border demanding escort fees from drivers without documentary proof.  
Status note
FESARTA reported that the NTB does not exist at present.  
Progress update note
On 3rd August 2015, Mozambique focal point advised that Fiscal escort will only take place in cases involving transit of high risk goods in terms of revenue; and it is the responsibility of the Provincial Director of Customs or Customs Delegate to approve the fiscal escort and its terms. It is the responsibility of each Customs Province Directorate through its mobile teams and intermediary fixed points of fiscalization to monitor the vehicles under fiscal escort within their jurisdictional area.

When fiscal escorts are determined by customs authority, collection of any values and money deductions for pocket money purposes by customs officials escorting the vehicles is not allowed. Customs officials escorting the vehicles in transit are not allowed to board the vehicles being escorted by them.

Regarding this specific case, our understanding is that some misbehaving customs officials may be engaged in collecting money for their own pockets/benefit. In order to stem these illegal attitudes, all operators in the transit chain, including brokers and drivers are encouraged to report this to the Border Managers every time it occurs. In order for Focal points to launch full investigation on this specific case, the complainant is kindly requested to provide details such as invoice or any other supporting document handed to the driver or transit agent.  
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Mozambique: Posto Fiscal de Calomue (Border post)  
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2015-07-07 11:57  
2016-10-13 09:10